Practical info

What is AMOK?

KAAP dives into the Stadsrepubliek of Bruges. Musicians, artists and other creative minds will occupy different locations for 10 days, with music in all its forms along with spoken word performances. AMOK is bold, adventurous and is out to discover. AMOK is a microcosm with its own dynamics and wants to initiate an urban movement.

What is the Stadsrepubliek?

Technically it is a city renewal project in the Sint-Jakobs quarter. But in reality it's an impressive group of partners joining forces to make it a creative neighbourhood, where a variety of people can meet.

Next to some smart alliances, smart use of space and sharing expertise are important principles of the Stadsrepubliek.

AMOK brings all of this together in a ten day event.

From and to

We can only recommend you to use your bicycle as much as possible.

In most cases you can park your bike close to the venue, but you can also use designated bike parking. Please note that these have limited opening hours.

In case you come by car, you can use the parking lot in the Biekorf - but there are only limited spaces!

House rules

AMOK knows no rules... but these two:

  • The performances start on time, late comers can be denied access and are not entitled on a refund
  • Doors open maximum one hour before the performance, unless mentioned otherwise

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