Peter Verhelst

Poet, romantic and director Peter Verhelst is since 2006 connected to theatre house NTGent. He received several awards, such as De Gouden uil, the Vlaamse Cultuurprijs and the F. Bordewijk award for his novel Tongkat (1999). He also was rewarded the Boekenwelp, the Woutertje Pieterse Prijs, De Gouden Uil for Youth Literature and the Gouden Griffel.

For his poetry he received, among others, the Paul Snoek award, the Gedichtendagprijs, the Jan Campert award, the Herman de Coninck award and the Ida Gerhardt Poetry award. His work has been translated in 14 languages. In 2017 he celebrated 30 years of writing.

In November 2019 he will release his new book ZON.

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