Brieven aan de stad

20:00 - 22:00

Hoe kunnen we door nieuwe samenwerkingen, het delen van dromen en ideeën maar ook slim ruimtegebruik, een innovatieve, minzame stadscultuur in Brugge genereren? De lezingenreeks ‘Brieven aan de stad’ geeft positieve impulsen, plannen en prikkels aan de Stad Brugge, aan haar beleid, haar bewoners, haar organisaties, bewonderaars en makers.

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Four talks, four ideas for the city

For this third edition, De Republiek and Architectuuratelier Dertien12 join forces with AMOK and we can expect a creative input from 4 interesting speakers.


The Stadsrepubliek and KAAP wondered how the inhabitants of the Sint-Jacobsquarter listen to their neighbourhood and to the city. Together with Stijn Dickel (aifoon), we launch the perennial project Phonorama. He will take locals on a soundwalk and invite them to hunt for sounds with a so called 'egg phone'. He talks about how he sees and foremost, hears the city.


After many dwelling, writer/poet Peter Verhelst returns to his beloved city. Today he looks at his hometown with a critical point of view meanwhile embracing its imperfections. Together with the Stadsrepubliek and Stedelijke Bibliotheek (library) he will go on a journey to collect unknown books, drawings, words and gifts for the future. His letter 'Od to imagination' is his first appeal.

Brieven aan de Stad is an initiative from De Republiek and Architectuuratelier Dertien12 where the core qualities of the city are decyphered. They invite you to think about individual happiness, innovative entrepreneurship, city renewal, architecture, the future of Bruges and its inhabitants, a correct implantation of all the above in worldwide goals.

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11/11 20:00 - 22:00

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