Chalk and Talk: Bart Lodewijks + Pierre Muylle

20:00 - 21:30

Chalk artist Bart Lodewijks and curator / artist Pierre Muylle search, on request of KAAP, the stories in Bruges by random encounters with people who live, work and reside in the city. Together they dive into the innercity and will present a perennial journey, destination unknown.

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The chalk drawings from artist Bart Lodewijks connect people and places. In publications, readings, tours, he tells how the encounters with locals made the drawings possible. He tells about the interaction, the sympathy, the trust but also the suspicion and resistance the drawings evoke.

The stories unveil what was left invisible by the chalk drawings.

Pierre Muylle created with Zaher a performance with objects he brought from his trip to Palestine. Now he pops up in his own city. He follows the lines drawn by Bart Lodewijks. In search of encounters that will produce unique objects. Searching for objects that will produce unique encounters.

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13/11 20:00 - 21:30

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