Handmade Sounds

14:00 - 16:00
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With Handmade Sounds we explore (together with Handmade in Bruges), the link between sound and creative crafts, and sound and makers. We guide the audience through three different locations; with each performance lasting 20 to 30 minutes. Inbetween you can even try out DIY installation Oorveeg.

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A walk through three short sound performances

Dianne Verdonk

The Dutch sound artist Dianne Verdonk invents, builds and plays new electronic musical instruments. In this way, she wants to achieve an ultimate personal form of musical expressiveness. For her homemade instruments, she is very conscious about the choice of materials and their traditional character. For all the instruments that she devises, the following applies: to get sound out, you first have to do something. The public is therefore also given the opportunity to try out the instruments themselves. At AMOK she presents three of her creations: the Bellyhorn (a large, beastly and huggable bass instrument that is played by singing into a large horn), La Diantenne (a bendable metal plate that she bends to distort the sound) and the Pulseyarn (a large, rhythmic pendulum). With these instruments Dianne makes colorful, electro-acoustic songs and short compositions.

Hans Beckers & Teun Verbruggen: Sonitum Voda

Can music be made with steam and can water be played melodically and rhythmically? With the Sonitum Voda sound installation, Hans Beckers, together with his soulmate Teun Verbruggen, investigates the sound of water and steam. Sonitum Voda is the sequel to Sonitum Horarium, a sound installation using sand. After the sound of the sand, it is now the sound of the water. Bubbling rhythms, sizzling water vapour, dripping notes, sloshing melodies, ... a whole series of water sounds are transformed into music. Sonitum Voda explores the boundaries between music and performance, sound and image.

First Date: Karen Willems & Marianne Vandenbussche

Especially for AMOK, we have set up a "First Date" between a musician and a label holder of "Handmade in Bruges". In this creation both worlds come closer together.


With their homemade installation "Oorveeg", sound artists Benne Dousselaere and Thomas Smetryns enable you to create your own mini composition based on a few simple actions. You get started with objects and samples and, once finished, you release your self-made creation on the unsuspecting patronage of De Republiek.

Handmade Sounds is a collaboration of KAAP and Handmade in Bruges. Handmade in Bruges inspires and stimulates co-creation and innovation by joining crafts and technology. In this way, it contributes to a creative and propitious climate for craftsmen, and initiates crossovers with other sectors such as heritage, economy, industry, tourism and education.


11 November 14:00 - 16:00
Dianne Verdonck ...

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11/11 14:00 - 16:00

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