Liesa Van der Aa & One Trick Pony: Court of Choice I - Play

20:00 - 21:30

A tenniscourt as musical theatre

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With Court of Choice part I - Play, Liesa Van der Aa & One Trick Pony erase the boundaries between text, image and music. This performance is a detailed musical tennis match for three actors, a string quartet and percussion where an innocent passer-by is assigned the role of referee. Expect a happening, a tableau vivant, that exposes the balance of power in a split democracy through the game.

Musician / actress Liesa Van der Aa composed in three dimensions, with Renaissance composer Carlo Gesualdo and trumpet legend Chet Baker in mind. The staves on the score are accompanied by graphic images that in turn illustrate a certain movement performed by the players on the music. In this performance, music, image, text and play cannot be separated, but are inherent to one other.

Court of Choice - Play is the first part of a triptych. Each performance highlights a different dimension of the concept of 'power'. The makers found inspiration for this at Leviathan of Hobbes, a political and philosophical work from the 17th century that is still surprisingly topical today and compares the concept of power with a huge and elusive sea monster that nobody can ever fully grasp.

A coproduction of One Trick Pony, deSingel and Handelsbeurs Concertzaal


09 November 20:00 - 21:30
Court of Choice I - Play

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09/11 20:00 - 21:30

Royal City Theatre


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