Phonorama kick-off and soundwalk

14:00 - 16:00

How do you listen to your neighbourhood?

During AMOK, KAAP and the Stadsrepubliek, wonder how people in the St. Jacob's quarter, listen to the city. Together with art organisation aifoon, we will organise the sound hunt "Phonorama" in the upcoming months.

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This sound hunt is open to anyone living, working or residing in the Stadsrepubliek. We learn to listen (again), map typical and less typical neightbourhood sounds and research how to manipulate sound in an artistic way in today's society.

The course and the result of this project is not defined, but it completely depends on the participation of the neighbourhood and everyone willing to listen.

Our sound hunt starts with a sound walk. Sound artist Stijn Dickel takes you by the arm and lets you discover the neighbourhood with a headphone and a recording device. Be guided by what you hear and be suprised by the poetry of the sounds surrounding us. Suddenly you will hear much more details and you will notice how city dwellers co-exist in an auditive way.

After the sound walk, we will choose Phonorama captains. They will get an 'egg phone', a recording device in the shape of a wooden egg, that you can temporarily use to capture sounds.

Practical info:

  • this walk is open to anyone who lives, works or resides in the Stadsrepubliek
  • subscribe for the walk via
  • please wear shoes with soft soles (e.g. no heals)
  • the walk takes about 2h (including briefing)

Practical info

10/11 14:00 - 16:00

De Republiek


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